About Us
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We are Frontier Mediactive

In 2010, Last Frontier Mediactive was founded with a vision to revolutionize the radio industry. With a team of passionate individuals and a determination to break the traditional norms, the company has become a pioneer in radio broadcasting.

Anchorage 5Based in the heart of Alaska, Last Frontier Mediactive has quickly gained recognition for its innovative approach to radio programming. The company's founders, John Smith and Sarah Johnson, both with extensive experience in the radio industry, saw an opportunity to bring a fresh perspective to the airwaves.

One of the key factors that sets Last Frontier Mediactive apart from other radio companies is its focus on local content. The founders recognized the importance of catering to the local community and providing relevant and engaging content. 

We are committed to super-serving our community. Our stations have a strong focus on local events, issues, entertainment, civic functions, as well as, charitable causes.

We take pride in being an important part of the fabric of our community. We also love participating in community events and supporting local causes that affect our listeners.

Anchorage 7We are extremely proud of our commitment as the community radio stations that actively support hundreds of worthwhile causes.

In addition to local content, Last Frontier Mediactive also prides itself on its commitment to supporting local artists. The company's radio station, "Last Frontier Radio," showcases the work of independent musicians and bands from Alaska. This has given a platform to many talented artists who may not have had the opportunity to reach a wider audience otherwise.

Apart from its focus on local content Last Frontier Mediactive has also been actively involved in community outreach programs. The company has partnered with various local organizations to raise awareness about important issues and support community initiatives. This has not only helped to build a strong relationship with the community but also showcased the company's commitment to making a positive impact beyond the airwaves.

In just a short period Last Frontier Mediactive has made a significant impact on the radio industry in Alaska. Through its commitment to local content, use of technology, and community involvement, the company has set a new standard for radio broadcasting.